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VCMS - The Process

The Process

Many of us visit a veterinary practice when we are concerned for our animal’s health and wellbeing and are satisfied with the service we receive. If a problem arises, this can often be talked through and resolved with the veterinary professional at the practice.

What to Expect From The Process

Stage 1

Animal owner or veterinary professional will contact the VCMS with a concern or enquiry. Contact can be made via the online complaint form, email, telephone or letter.

The VCMS will ask animal owners for details of the complaint and for any information on what has been done to try and resolve the complaint so far. A complaint form will need to be completed and all copy correspondence with the practice provided. 

Details are reviewed in full by the VCMS within five working days to ensure the complaint is within the VCMS remit and appropriate for mediation. 

A VCMS ‘agreement to mediate’ form will be sent to the animal owner. This form outlines the rules of mediation and gives consent for the VCMS to contact the practice.


Stage 2

Once the ‘agreement to mediate’ form is signed and returned, the practice will be invited to mediate. If this request is accepted by the practice, the VCMS will request all relevant documentation. The complaint will then be allocated a VCMS Resolution Manager. 


Stage 3

A VCMS Resolution Manager will facilitate communication between parties in hope to progress matters and provide opportunity to reach a resolution. 

Communication will be by telephone. The VCMS does not place both parties on the same call. A call will take place with one party and then a separate call with the other party. 

Within the telephone calls, the Resolution Manager explore the complaint, the outstanding issues and possible options for resolution. The approach will vary on an individual complaint basis. 

Generally, the VCMS will provide a date and time for the initial calls to allow both parties to allocate time and prepare for the call. If a session becomes available, one of the team may contact you to discuss the complaint and explore resolution. The VCMS aims to hold both initial conversations on the same or consecutive days, and then explore and find a resolution on the same day. 


Stage 4

If resolution is reached by the parties, the VCMS Resolution Manger will create a ‘Mediation Agreement’ outlining the details of the resolution and dates of when any agreed actions are to be implemented.

Both parties are required to sign the agreement. 

Once signed, both parties will receive a copy and the resolution can then be implemented. 

The VCMS complaint will then be closed. 

If resolution cannot be reached, the VCMS Resolution Manager will advise you of any alternative routes, which may include input from a Senior Resolution Manager if appropriate. 

The VCMS will then conclude involvement. 

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