December 2nd 2019

Why Does Mediation Matter?

As we approach the end of another successful year for the Veterinary Client Mediation Service, we would like to use the opportunity in today’s blog post to highlight the importance of mediation, its benefits and how our services can help both vets and the public to resolve matters. 

What is Mediation?

Firstly, what does mediation mean? A cursory search on Google reveals the following:

intervention in a dispute in order to resolve it; arbitration.

The definition above shines light on the meaning of the word and also reveals the purpose of our service ‘resolve’. A key factor within what we do at the VCMS is to work with both parties in an impartial manner, to resolve the dispute. ‘Intervention’ again, allows us to understand that the VCMS, as an external third party, comes into the dispute with the express purpose of, again, resolving the matter.

Resolution is at the heart of what we do. 

Why Choose Mediation?

At its core, mediation involves reopening and reestablishing communication between the parties that, previously, may have been closed. Given the emotive nature of complications involved with pets and pet care, mediation allows both parties to re-engage with each other, with our support, to work towards and mutually beneficial outcome for both client and practice. 

What’s more, unlike litigation, mediation allows practices to learn from what happened, to create processes and procedures and to, ultimately, improve as a practice and avoid similar issues. 

Working towards a positive outcome for all involved is what we do.

How Does the VCMS Operate?

Supported by and fully funded by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), since our inception over two years ago we have assisted in over 5,000 complaints across the UK. Our impartial service dives right into the heart of the matter as we work to understanding both the nature of the complaint, the current status of the complaint and what we can do to assist in resolving the complaint. 

Throughout our established process, we regularly and clearly update each party as to the progress of the complaint working towards, through careful understanding and support, the outcome that benefits both client and practitioner.

We work impartially through clear communication for both sides.

For more information on our mediation services, contact our teams directly via 0345 040 5834 or

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