October 7th 2016

Successful Launch and First Week at VCMS

Well, here we are at the end of the first week of the VCMS. The complaint mediation service for vets and animal owners launched on Monday 3 October. Looking back on our first week, we can see we have been busy. Animal owners and practices have been in touch and we look forward to helping them resolve the complaints and concerns over the coming weeks. We have received enquiries relating to dogs, cats, horses and ponies from across the UK. 

We have also been liaising with corporate practices and other representative bodies such BVA, BEVA and BSAVA and look forward to interacting with more as the trial continues. It has been great to explain more about the VCMS approach, our focus on finding a practical solution to a complaint and how we can work with stakeholders, animal owner groups, individual practices and owners to benefit all involved in the provision of animal care. 

We wish all those attending the British Veterinary Nursing Association Congress in Telford a productive and enjoyable event.

November 2nd 2021

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October 31st 2021

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October 6th 2021

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