December 8th 2021

Lessons from 2021

Following on from a year of lockdowns, Coronavirus and a different way of life – 2021 seemed to promise a much-needed return to normality.

In today’s blog we look at the lessons we have learned from 2021 and what we can take into 2022 to ensure the very best service for our clients.

Patience with Patients and Staff

With the return to normality through face-to-face consultations and (generally speaking) the removal of PPE and masks, 2021 has seen many owners being able to visit their vets in person following on from national lockdowns across the four nations.

This return to a world that is vastly different prior to the COVID-19 outbreak has, whilst a relief for many, brought new stresses and difficulties that were previously better managed.

Whilst stresses and strains are a natural part of both our working and professional lives, one of the key issues that has arisen throughout 2021 is the interaction between clients and staff. As experienced mediators, the importance of communication – both in terms of the ability to listen and to clearly speak – is vitally important.

For 2022, we reiterate the importance of clear and fair communication in the spirit of working towards mutually beneficial outcomes and the best interests of the animal involved.


Within the last year it has become apparent that flexibility in our lives is something that we all must adapt to. From working from home to travel restrictions, being more flexible in our approach to our daily lives is of the utmost importance.

Indeed, such as within our own service and what vets are reporting to our teams it appears that a more flexible approach may help to stop complaints from escalating to the VCMS.

Much like being more patient, having a more flexible approach to understanding the stresses and strains on your vets and, as a vet, understanding the concerns of a client – being flexible in our dealings can help to diffuse situations and foster communication.

Moving into 2022

Moving into 2022 the VCMS would like to reiterate our commitment to both members of the veterinary profession and the general public.

Our impartial, neutral service continues to strive to assist in resolving disputes and complaints through mediation. We wish all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and look forward to a positive 2022.

We will be closed from 6pm on 22 December and re-open at 8am on 4 January 2022.

Should you wish to contact our teams, please fill in an online complaint form and we will reply upon our return.

June 24th 2022

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