February 11th 2022

International Pet Day 2022

Did you know that 20 February is ‘International Love Your Pet Day’ where we celebrate pets across the globe? In today’s blog we look at the most popular pets in the UK and say thank you to all pets for enriching our lives.

The share of households owning a pet in the United Kingdom remained relatively stable between 2011-12 and 2017-18, hovering around an estimated percentage of 47 to 45%. With nearly half of the country owning pets, it is no surprise that they have a great impact on our lives. With this in mind, we look at the top 10 pets in the UK.

10. Snakes

Around 0.4% of the UK population own a snake. Common breeds that are popular with beginners include corn snakes and king and milk snakes, while more experienced owners home royal pythons and garter snakes.

9. Domestic Fowl

Research has found that more than half a million chickens are now kept as pets in the UK, with fowl increasing in popularity in recent years.

8. Lizards

Lizards are often the first reptile that pet owners choose. They don’t carry the innate fear that snakes bring to certain people, and they can make great display animals. Common lizards kept as pets in the UK include bearded dragons, leopard geckos and blue-tongued skinks.

7. Tortoises and Turtles

Tortoises and turtles can be a fascinating and fun pet, although they can be difficult to keep and require responsible ownership.

6. Hamsters

Research shows that 1% of us own a hamster. There are 24 different species of hamster, and among the most popular pets are the Syrian, Campbell’s dwarf and the Roborovski.

5. Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are particularly popular with families. They live for around four to eight years, so their care is a long-term commitment. They can live indoors or outdoors and thrive in same-sex groups or in pairs.

4. Indoor Birds

From small budgies up to the largest parrots, birds make entertaining, colourful and interesting pets that are very rewarding to keep. They are also delicate animals that need to be cared for carefully. Some species of parrots can live for 60 years or longer, so owning a bird can be a long-term commitment.

3. Rabbits

Around 2% of Brits own a rabbit, and they are the country’s third most popular pet. The PDSA estimates that around 1.5 million rabbits are kept as pets in the UK. Rabbits are highly intelligent, inquisitive animals and come in a variety of breeds, shapes and sizes. Each rabbit has their own unique personality, and they typically live for between eight and 12 years.

2. Cats

There are an estimated 8 million cats in the UK, with 5 million households owning at least one cat. And, of those households that own a cat, 40% have more than one. Cats come in all shapes and sizes, with British shorthairs, Bengals and Siamese cats amongst the most popular.

1. Dogs

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the UK’s favourite pet is the dog. More than a quarter of us (26%) own a dog, with an estimated 9 million dogs living in the UK. As well as countless cross-breeds, the most common pure breed dogs in the UK are Labrador retrievers, cocker spaniels, springer spaniels and German shepherds.

So on this special day, all at the VCMS salute the vets, veterinary nurses, pet owners and pets for just being!

April 20th 2022

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