November 16th 2020

In the News: CAM Conversation with Staci Baldwin About Communication Skills Before, During and After a Veterinary Consultation

Staci Baldwin, Resolution Manager at the Veterinary Client Mediation Service (VCMS), chats to Canine Arthritis Management about the importance of communication when consulting with your vet.

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April 20th 2022

Vets Are Human Too

It is the human condition to be fallible sometimes. This includes pet owners, their veterinary surgeons and mediators. Fallibility takes many forms, but a key cause is communication and, more importantly, miscommunication.
April 14th 2022

The Importance of Helping a Client to Feel Heard and Valued

As part of our mediation service, the VCMS assist both the public and the veterinary profession in finding mutually beneficial outcomes to complaints.
March 1st 2022

Returning to Work and Your Dog

With restrictions easing across the UK and many returning to full time work, the RSPCA has warned about dogs being abandoned as owners struggle with returning to work and the cost of living rises.