January 2nd 2020

How Can Mediation Protect My Reputation as a Professional?

Within mediation, one of the often under-discussed issues that can arise is how mediation can assist in brand and service reputation. It goes without saying that when a complaint is lodged and unresolved, it can worsen for both the client and practice involved, thus increasing the chance that the reputation of the practice may suffer. 

The VCMS undertakes work to assist all parties in finding a solution that is mutually beneficial, ensuring that both parties can move forward and reach an outcome that is positive for the client, the practice, and the practice’s reputation. 

Preventing a Complaint From Escalating

One of the most useful aspects of dispute resolution and mediation, is its ability to prevent complaints escalating and getting ‘out of hand’. The quicker and earlier in a dispute that the VCMS can assist, the likelihood that the dispute will escalate decreases. By contacting the VCMS at the start of a complaint, the VCMS can assist in resolving the issue before the client may consider making it public and damaging the reputation of the practice. 

Resolving a Complaint When a Stalemate has Occurred

Conversely, when it seems that communication has broken down between parties and reputation and service have been called into question, the VCMS is able to offer impartial advice and support to both parties. Reaching a solution, however far down the path a dispute may be, can inherently assist the practice in maintaining its reputation.

The Learning Process

Once more, a further benefit of mediation is indeed the chance that it gives to the practice to not only resolve a dispute, but to also build processes and systems that reduce the chance of a similar issue occurring. Not only is this comforting to a client, that their negative experience will not happen again, but it also shows the willingness of the practice to learn, develop and maintain the highest of standards.

Mediation Over Litigation

Mediation within itself can be a more attractive option for a practice than litigation. Litigation, conjuring up images of destroying reputation, being costly and taking a lot of time, is immediately less desirable than the opening of dialogue and reaching a positive outcome for all involved. 

For more information on our mediation services and how we can help you, please contact our Teams directly on 0345 040 5834 or email enquiries@vetmediation.co.uk.

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