May 1st 2019

FAQ: The Situation with the Owner is Difficult and Our Practice Team is Worried About Discussing the Complaint with them During Mediation

Mediation with the VCMS is conducted as a ‘shuttle’ conversation. 

The resolution manager will speak with the parties separately. We generally speak with the owner first so we can understand why the complaint is continuing and why they feel the matter has not been resolved via your response to their complaint. 

This allows us to focus our time with the practice team on the live issues which are driving and escalating the complaint. 

Having spoken with you both and gained an understanding of the cause and trigger of the complaint, we can move to explore options to resolve and bring matters to a conclusion. 

You will not have to speak directly with the owner, and you will be asked if there are any aspects of the conversation which you do not want the resolution manager to share with the other party. 

An impartial and non-judgmental resolution manager will listen, understand the impact of the complaint on both the practice team and then owner, and help you to assess the pros and cons of proposals to try and help reach a conclusion. 

Mediation is not to be feared. It is a telephone conversation to explore the complaint from your perspective. There is no right or wrong and with an 87% resolution rate, it is worth a go! 

April 20th 2022

Vets Are Human Too

It is the human condition to be fallible sometimes. This includes pet owners, their veterinary surgeons and mediators. Fallibility takes many forms, but a key cause is communication and, more importantly, miscommunication.
April 14th 2022

The Importance of Helping a Client to Feel Heard and Valued

As part of our mediation service, the VCMS assist both the public and the veterinary profession in finding mutually beneficial outcomes to complaints.
March 1st 2022

Returning to Work and Your Dog

With restrictions easing across the UK and many returning to full time work, the RSPCA has warned about dogs being abandoned as owners struggle with returning to work and the cost of living rises.