February 4th 2021

Dispute. Mediation. Resolution. Unlocking Complaints to Find a Solution

At the heart of the VCMS’ service is our commitment to members of the public and the profession to find a solution that is beneficial to both parties. 

Our independent service remains impartial and understanding throughout and works to resolve complaints. Unlocking the nature of the complaint is the first step we take to achieving an outcome and in today’s blog we outline a three-stage process that moves from conflict to resolution. 


 A dispute can be defined as a disagreement or conflict. Often by the time a dispute has reached the VCMS an impasse has occurred where both parties feel they may not be able to internally resolve the issue. 

Once a dispute has been raised and has come to the attention of the VCMS, we seek to understand the cause and nature of the dispute. By listening to both parties, asking the right questions without judgement or bias, our experienced teams of mediators begin to unlock and unravel the dispute to understand exactly what has happened. 

Thorough understanding and the seeking to get to the heart of the matter enables us to build a holistic picture, understand what has occurred and begin to build the bridges of resolution. 


Mediation is the procedure and service offered by the VCMS which involves the practice and the client. Central to mediation is discussion. 

Whilst at first this may be difficult if communication has broken down, it is also a very important step to undertake. Our assistance helps to rekindle and rebuild communication between the parties, and it is this ability to talk, to openly discuss what has occurred that allows us to reach a settlement that is mutually beneficial for both parties. 

Indeed, through mediation the professional can create processes and procedures to avoid complaints of a similar nature in the future and, for the client, it can help to rebuild the relationship with the practice and restore their trust. 


Resolution is the outcome of which we strive for. Our service intends to not only reach an outcome for both parties but to do so in a manner that rebuilds the relationship where possible. 

Through resolution it is possible for the practice to restore trust for their client, potentially avoid similar complaints in the future and to learn from what has occurred. As a client, the resolution of a dispute will bring closure, help trust their vet more and can also provide a learning opportunity on how to ask the right questions, how to understand their vet and the pressures they face which, naturally, can improve the service they receive and strengthen the relationship with the vet.

The VCMS, funded by the RCVS, maintains an open and through mediation service. Building relationships, restoring trust and achieving an outcome for both parties typifies our approach to conflict resolution. 

For more information and to discuss any issues, contact our team via 0345 040 5834 or email enquiries@vetmediation.co.uk.

April 20th 2022

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April 14th 2022

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As part of our mediation service, the VCMS assist both the public and the veterinary profession in finding mutually beneficial outcomes to complaints.
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