January 2nd 2020

As a Client, How Can you Benefit from Mediation?

Mediation has increasingly become a popular method for resolving complaints and disputes. One of the challenges that the VCMS faces is an awareness around the service that may not be known to the wider public. Part of our strategy is to show the general public that mediation is a desirable and positive alternative to litigation. So, how as a client, can you benefit from mediation?

Greater Understanding 

Mediation allows both parties to find a solution. Often, litigation can be a rigid and stilted process that can overlook factors that caused the dispute. Mediation works by seeking to understand all of the issues involved, by establishing a dialogue and communication to get to the heart of the matter. As the solution is mutually beneficial, both parties can accept a positive outcome and work together, through support, to achieve this. 


Litigation, the process of disputes being resolved through the courts, can be a very public process. Mediation offers an alternative method to resolving disputes in a very much more private manner. What’s more, the VCMS’ process is entirely confidential thus preserving the anonymity of both practice and client.

Reduced Costs 

Settling disputes through court proceedings can be very expensive and costs can easily spiral. The VCMS, as a free to access service, is a cheaper alternative to costly court proceedings.

Enhanced Support 

Out of much of the positive feedback that our teams receive, one particular element is mentioned – the support that the VCMS offers during the experience. As a neutral party, we are able to support both sides and help them work towards a resolution thus offering support and advice. 

For more information on our mediation services, contact our teams directly via 0345 040 5834 or enquiries@vetmediation.co.uk.

April 20th 2022

Vets Are Human Too

It is the human condition to be fallible sometimes. This includes pet owners, their veterinary surgeons and mediators. Fallibility takes many forms, but a key cause is communication and, more importantly, miscommunication.
April 14th 2022

The Importance of Helping a Client to Feel Heard and Valued

As part of our mediation service, the VCMS assist both the public and the veterinary profession in finding mutually beneficial outcomes to complaints.
March 1st 2022

Returning to Work and Your Dog

With restrictions easing across the UK and many returning to full time work, the RSPCA has warned about dogs being abandoned as owners struggle with returning to work and the cost of living rises.