April 14th 2021

A New Training and Consultancy Service

In addition to delivering complaint mediation in both human healthcare and veterinary practice, Nockolds Resolution continues to re-invest the insight from complaint mediation in accessible and practical professional training.

Providing professionals with the tools they need to overcome disputes, the organisation offers tailored training programmes which centre around a series of mediation techniques which have been proven to effectively resolve complaints.

As well as protecting reputations and bringing greater efficiencies to complaint resolution processes, mediation is a strategy which is proven to drive continuous business improvement. Specifically, the collaborative nature of the technique has previously helped professionals to identify areas and procedures which require refinement when talking through the experiences of a complainant.

Available to private and public organisations, the training programmes and techniques which are covered can also be integrated into existing processes.

If you are interested in finding out more about this training and consultancy service, please do not hesitate to get in touch. A member of the Nockolds team will be delighted to discuss ways that you and your organisation can benefit from the complaint resolution strategies and techniques we provide.

As we now approach the middle of summer, and the successful roll out of the vaccination programme, there is reason to hope that the veterinary complaint landscape may start to shift to pre-COVID status, with disputes more able to be managed at a local level. It should of course be stressed that the experiences of the past year and a half have strengthened the mediation abilities on offer from Nockolds, and this technique remains a powerful method of resolving complaints.

January 25th 2022

In the News: Are Complaints Changing Post-Pandemic?

Insights from the Veterinary Client Mediation Service reveal that common issues leading to complaints post-pandemic involve dosage issues, client impatience and discrepancy between expectations and the “new normal”.
January 4th 2022

Tips on Communication when Wearing a Face Covering or Mask

Face masks, whilst uncomfortable for some, can also limit the way in which we communicate. In today’s blog entry, we share our insights into how to communicate better when wearing a face covering.
December 28th 2021

VCMS Case Study Featured in RCVS Companion Magazine

This case illustrates how practices can take specific steps to mitigate the risk of receiving a complaint that leads to a time-consuming and potentially costly dispute.